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I am running for Mayor of Social Circle for very straightforward reasons: I love our community and think it deserves the best city government possible.

I believe that government is best when it focuses on basic fundamental needs. As your Mayor, I promise to focus on the fundamentals.  We know that our children get the best education in schools that focus on the fundamentals.

So it is with government. When government overreaches its fundamental purposes and intrudes into areas of life in which it has no business, it becomes bigger, more expensive, more intrusive and less effective.

It is my plan to focus on the core reasons we have local government: securing our property rights, ensuring we are safe in our homes and neighborhoods, maintaining streets and roads, economic development, and providing quality services like parks and recreation.

The best way to secure these goals is to not only keep moving forward on the road to greater liberty, but to also foster stronger ties between neighbors and neighborhoods, between citizens and city hall, and cultivate a strong commitment of kindness to each other.

I have been very blessed in this life. I have a wonderful wife, Penny, who supports me in everything that I do.  I own a successful Computer/Networking business. The voters of Social Circle have honored me by electing me to represent them on the city council. And now, I am running for Mayor to serve my fellow citizens of Social Circle by making our community the most prosperous, freedom-friendly and kindest city in the state which deserves to be called “Georgia’s Greatest Little Town.”

I humbly ask for your help and your vote.



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